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Vickie Hermen-Mack

January 12, 1954 - June 3, 2014 <-

My dear wife preferred to go by her maiden name, Vickie Hermen. As in most other things, what Vickie wanted, Vickie got…through sheer persistence, charm, or downright sneakiness. I generally let her find her own path, as trying to force her onto mine was an exercise in futility.

Her greatest triumph in life was raising our 3 children- Cindi, Joe and Stephanie. Her greatest defeat was the loss of Cindi when Cindi was only 20. After Cindi’s death, Mom had a rough time for a year, but then threw herself into the chore of raising Cindi’s daughter, Dakota. As both parents were deceased, we were granted custody of Dakota and raised her as our own from the age of 7 months to her current age of 19. Mom loved her so much.

Despite many health issues, Mom was happy, for the most part, at being a housewife/mother/mediator but was willing to jump into the role of judge and jury whenever required. When she decided to open a small business and sell costume jewelry and gifts, she used the same tendencies to propel the company. Though she never got rich from it (or made any money at all, hardly), she enjoyed running her operation, providing quality for value.

Mom is survived by husband Jim, son Joe and daughter(s) Stephanie and Dakota and grandchildren.

It is only now that she is gone that I realize what a treasure I was given and I didn’t do her the justice she deserved. I miss her so.

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